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PSA eng

In connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (2030) and “Moldova 2020” National Development Strategy on medium term, the Government of the Republic of Moldova committed to make efforts to ensure an inclusive and sustainable development, to integrate into national strategies and programs the aspects related to population dynamics, reproductive health and gender relations, thus ensuring the country’s medium and long term competitiveness.

Goal of PSA inform the relevant bodies and society about the key challenges in population dynamics, present and argue for a reference framework for the development and improvement of population and development policies.

The PSA Report was developed in accordance with the general principles laid down in the conceptual and methodological Guidelines developed by UNFPA. The following priorities and national development strategies served as milestones for the development of the PSA: The National Strategic Program on Demographic Security (2011-2025), National Reproductive Health Strategy (2005-2015), National Gender Equality Program (2010-2015), other documents that indirectly target these areas.

Population Situation Analysis Report can be accessed here.