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The history of the Centre for Demographic Research (CDR) comes back to 1997. This year, at the initiative of the academician Gheorghe Paladi, the Centre for Medical and Socio-Demographic Studies was created in frame of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Sciences within the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM). Sixteen years later, on the 1st of October, 2013, due to various administrative reconstruction processes, the Centre was transferred to the National Institute for Economic Research of ASM and became called the Centre for Demographic Research. The purpose of CDR is to consolidate the institutional capacities in the demographic research area and to provide analytical and scientific assistance for the state institutions in the process of argumentation, development and monitoring the policies in the field of population and development.

The main mission of CDR is to conduct the fundamental and applicative researches in demography and population studies; to elaborate the population projections; to provide the analytical and informational support to the state institutions for elaborating the strategies and programs in the field of population and development; to train the scientific staff and to consolidate the national expert communities.
Main research directions:
• Population processes and projections
• Fertility and reproductive behaviour
• Population health and mortality
• Demographic population ageing
• Family, marriages and divorces
• Internal and external migration
• Policies in the field of population and development

The CDR has strong relationships with different state institutions (ministries, NSB, NHIH, NEA, etc.), higher education institutions (ASEM, USM, ULIM), non-governmental sector etc. This multidimensional collaboration of the Centre contributes a great deal to the establishment of an efficient dialogue between the academic institutions and public authorities, between the theoretical world and the practical reality. Thanks to this very efficient and flexible partnership, the Centre aims at raising the awareness about the demographic problems of the country and elaborating the policies based on the scientific evidence.